About me

That's me!
My name is and I was born in 1963. I am a web designer and I live in a small town north of Lübeck, Germany.

My interest for "Titanic" began in the summer of 1979, when I watched the "Time Tunnel" pilot episode. The following day, I visited my aunt and found Clive Cussler's "Raise the Titanic" on her bookshelf. Not an extremely good start, you might say, but anyway, I was hooked.

I started collecting everything (which wasn't that much at that time), and I rejoiced when a schoolmate (Norbert Schöning) gave me the German first edition of Walter Lord's "A Night To Remember". For the first time, I read an accurate and detailed account of that fateful night.
After school, I sailed as a sailor in the German merchant navy. I was forced to cut down my "Titanic" activities a bit for lack of library access ;). However, when in Sept. 1985 the wreck was discovered, I was hooked again.

Then came James Cameron's epic movie. I watched it, and, like so many others, I was literally blown away. I decided there and then that I just had to realize an old dream of mine and build a scale model of the ship.

In the Summer of 2000, I went to Paris where I found the last White Star Line ship, the "Nomadic", resting peacefully opposite the Eiffel Tower. If you like, you can see pictures of the tour.