Titanic Scale Model

I have been building the model for quite some time now; currently the building is stopped for personal reasons.

The model's scale is 1/125. It is 2.15 m (7 ft) long and will displace 25 kg (55 lbs) when finished. The hull is epoxy-glass resin with polystyrene ribs and superstructure. Except for engine bearings and deck planking, there will be no wood, as it tends to warp when getting wet, no matter how carefully it is sealed.

The model is based on the Harland & Wolff general arrangement and rigging plans. Aditionally, I used all the photographic and other material I could get, like the Frank Browne pictures and Ken Marschall's fine art.

Here are some pictures of the summer 2000 state of the model.

For a bigger view, click on the thumbnails.

Hull mold
The mold's framework

A funnel and its mold

Rudder detail
Detail of the model's rudder and center prop

Bow view
The model's bow view.

The model's size
The model (7 feet) compared to me (6 feet)

Stern view
The model's stern view.

The engines
Interior with engines and rudder servo

Sinking attitude
The sinking angle at about 0:30 hrs.