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The musicians held a joint ticket (!). Their bunks were on E Deck, with a seperate room for their instruments. Usually, the musicians would split into a trio (Bricoux, Krins and an unknown third) playing in the Á la Carte Reception Room, while the others under the auspices of Wallace Hartley would play primarily in the First Class Entrance on Boat Deck or the First Class Lounge.

All musicians perished in the disaster, playing until the very end. What their final number was is still subject to discussion. The best bets seem to be either "Nearer My God, To Thee", a hymn chosen by bandleader Wallace Hartley for his own funeral, or "Autumn".

Name Instrument
Brailey, Mr W. Theodore Piano
Bricoux, Mr Roger Cello
Clarke, Mr John Frederick Preston Bass Violin
Hartley, Mr Wallace Henry Bandmaster
Hume, Mr John Law First Violin
Krins, Mr Georges Violin
Taylor, Mr Percy Cornelius Cello
Woodward, Mr John Wesley Cello