"Nomadic", "Titanic"'s tender

Nomadic 1912
"Nomadic", "Titanic"'s tender, around 1912

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These are a few of the pictures that I took when visiting the only remaining White Star Line vessel in existence apart from the wrecks.

Unbeknownst even to the local French tour guides, "Nomadic" lies opposite the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. When we made a tour on one of the "Bateaux Mouches", one of the Seine tour ships, her captain did not mention "Nomadic" with one single word, although I do not think that yet another attraction would do Paris any harm ;).

When I went to see the ship, I was frustrated to see what time had done to this once-proud little steamer.
Dilapidated and neglected, bereft of her funnel, she literally "rusts in peace" nowadays. I almost hesitated to take pictures of her being in such a sad state. When I was about to leave, the door opened and out came a Portuguese, obviously "Nomadic"'s conçierge. I asked him whether it was possible to tour the ship, but I was turned down at first. Finally, I talked him into letting me on board, where he showed me around. Among other things, he told me that "Nomadic" does not have an engine anymore and that she has to be towed.

The tour`s biggest thrill came when I stood in "Nomadic"'s only remaining original surroundings, the reception room (see below).

Nomadic today
"Nomadic" in 2000, in her mooring near the Eiffel Tower

Nomadic's stern
"Nomadic"'s stern, as seen from the Seine

Nomadic's bow
"Nomadic"'s bow view, as seen from the Seine

Nomadic's reception
"Nomadic"'s Reception Room
(Note Karlchen on the reception counter!)